Activate &SAP_EDIT in SE16N

Function code “&SAP_EDIT” can be used to enable maintain entries functionality of SAP table. &SAP_EDIT will not work if SAP note 1420281 is implemented.

Before implementing the SAP note 1420281, the program used to call a subroutine where it sets the variables GD-EDIT and GD-SAPEDIT to ‘X’ if the function code is &SAP_EDIT.

After implementing SAP note 1420281, the call to subroutine is removed when function code is &SAP_EDIT.

In order to edit table entries in SE16N even if &SAP_EDIT is disabled follow the below steps.

1. Open the table that you want to edit in SE16N and enter the function code ‘/H’ to switch on the debugger. In this example let us open table KNA1 and switch on the debugger.


2. Execute to display the table entries.


3. In the debugger set the values of GD-EDIT and GD-SAPEDIT to ‘X’ and press F8.


4. The table will be opened in edit mode, make the necessary changes and SAVE.


The number of entries affected will be displayed in the popup.

Note: Do not try this in production system.

Just check this link to know how you can track the changes made to SAP table using &SAP_EDIT.

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