Find Saplogon.ini File Location

The entries that you maintain in SAP logon pad will get stored in saplogon.ini file.

Suppose you have 10 entries in the SAP logon pad of system 1 and you want to maintain the same entries in system 2, then you don’t have to maintain the entries manually in system 2. Just copy the saplogon.ini file from system1 and paste it in the corresponding directory of system 2. The entries will automatically appear in the SAP logon pad on system 2.

Then How to find the location of saplogon.ini in system 1?

To find the location of saplogon.ini file, just click on the top left corner of SAP logon pad and choose Options.


Under SAP Logon Options, choose Configuration Files. Type Connection gives the path of saplogon.ini file.


If you double click on Connection, the system will open the actual saplogon.ini file.

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