ABAP Language

ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a programming language developed by SAP.

ABAP language syntax

  • ABAP is not case sensitive.
  • Every statement begins with a keyword and ends with a period.( WRITE is the keyword to print on screen )
    WRITE 'Hello World!'.
  • Chained statements.If consecutive statements have identical part at the beginning, then ABAP allows you to chain these statements into a single statement. First write the identical part once and then place a colon (:). Then write the remaining parts of the individual statements separated by commas.Normal Statements:
    WRITE 'Hello'.

    Chained Statement:

    WRITE: 'Hello', 'ABAP'.
  • Comments.If you want to make the entire line as comment, then enter asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line.
    * This is a comment line

    If you want to make a part of the line as comment, then enter double quote (“) before the comment.

    WRITE 'COMMENT'.   "Start of comment


  1. Hii all actually I am in chennai Jr sw developer in java I am planing to learn sap or to start coading is this stuff is enough to walk through or do I join some institute for the same

    • Its better to go for institute that will give a perfect basics for you… and find the best institute which gives theoretical cum practical knowledge with real-time scenarios

    • It has scope on SAP over 10 years.But training it’s self cost much.You can also follow me on Likedin
      sashank samayamanthula

  2. Hi, Completed my M.B.A. Iam working as a Accountant . I want to learn SAP. Which is better for me. My special interest is ABAP how types in this ABAP.

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