ABAP System Variables

ABAP system variables is accessible from all ABAP programs. These fields are filled by the runtime environment. The values in these fields indicate the state of the system at any given point of time.

The complete list of ABAP system variables is found in the SYST table in SAP. Individual fields of the SYST structure can be accessed either using “SYST-“ or “SY-“.

WRITE:/ 'ABAP System Variables'.
WRITE:/ 'Client : ', sy-mandt.
WRITE:/ 'User : ', sy-uname.
WRITE:/ 'Date : ', sy-datum.
WRITE:/ 'Time : ', sy-uzeit.




  1. hie ..every one i am new to sap Abap tutorials please suggest me how to start with this tutorial and which software’s to be installed in my pc for practice purpose.

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