How to create a SAP table?

Every table has a unique name and consists of rows and columns. The number of columns in a table is fixed but can have any number of rows.

ABAP dictionary handles the DDL part of SQL in SAP. Go to ABAP dictionary (SE11) to create a SAP table. Enter the name of the table to be created and press enter.


Enter a proper short description for the table and maintain delivery class as ‘A'(Application Table). Now press on Fields tab to maintain the fields of the table.


Enter the fields of the table and maintain the proper data elements for the table fields. You can use the standard data elements or you can create your own data elements.


Maintain the primary key and press save. To maintain the technical attributes of table like tablespace, size etc. press the Technical attributes button on application toolbar.


Enter Data class, Size category and Save.


Now press back, save and activate the table.


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