SAP Menu Fast Path

Fast path allows you to select the SAP menu without using the mouse. It allows you to select any menu by entering a single or sequence of letters in the command field.


In ABAP editor (SE38), the settings menu can be selected by entering “.UN” in the command field.


The period informs the system that the fast path is being used. The characters stand for the selections. Each character is an access character that represents one selection. This character is underlined in the menus.

This fast path will work in all the SAP screens.


Similarly in t-code VL03N, the menu Extras –> Delivery Output –> Header can be selected by entering “.ALH” in the command field.


This would bring up the Delivery output screen.

Another way of selecting the menus without mouse is to use the ALT key (works similar to all desktop applications) . Extras –> Delivery Output –> Header menu can be selected in t-code VL03N by holding the ALT key and press ALH.

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