Track Changes Made in ABAP Debugger

It is possible to track the changes made to any variable in the ABAP debugger.

First let us run an ABAP program and made some change to a variable value in the debugger.


In the debugger, change the value of variable “dummy” from “Hello SAP” to “Hello SAPHub” and press F8 to display the report list.

The changes made in the ABAP debugger will be recorded in SYSLOG.

To see the system log, go to t-code SM21.


Press “Reread system log” to display the system log. You can enter the User if you want to track the changes made by a particular user.


The changes made in the debugger is recorded in the log. It is displaying the program name and changed value of the variable. Double click on the record to display more info.


More details like user, terminal, variable name, value changed, t-code and program name are also recorded in the system log.

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