SAP MDG - Rule based workflow for Customer master?

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Hi MDG Experts, 

First, I am new to SAP MDG.

Can we use rule-based workflows for Customer Master creation for example?.If yes, anyone please provide the detailed steps to configure the Customer creation using rule-based workflow?.Looks like the out of the box, It is using the standard workflows for customer master. 

For Customer change request type CUST1P1 (create customer) I did the following configuration.

1. Change request type CUST1P1, I assigned the rule-based workflow WS60800086. 
2. Configure rule-based workflow, I populated all the three BRF+ tables( Single Value, User agent and Non-user agent tables) with necessary entries.

When I tested this in NWBC, I was able to fill the customer information and submitted my change request. But when I try to approve, it didn't work.

What Configuration am I missing here? Can anyone help?

asked Feb 6 in General by NareshKonda (120 points)

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