SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers – ABAP Dictionary Part 1

What is an ABAP dictionary?

ABAP dictionary is a central data management system. Its main function is to support the creation and management of data definitions.

What are the basic objects of the data dictionary?

  • Tables
  • Domains
  • Data elements
  • Structures
  • Foreign keys

What is the difference between Data elements and Domains?

Data Element Domain
Data Element gives semantic attributes like field labels and online documentation Domain gives the technical attributes like data type and field length

Can you delete a domain which is being used by data elements?


Can you define a field without a data element?

Yes. Use the path Utilities – > Direct Entry Type

What are the difference between Tables and Structures?

Table Structure
Table has an underlying database table No underlying database table
Table has a primary key No primary key
Table has technical attributes No technical attributes

What is a Data Class?

The Data class determines in which table space the table is stored when it is created in the database.

What is a Size Category?

The Size category describes the probable space requirement of the table in the database.

What is a view?

A view is a logical view on one or more tables.  i.e. the data from a view is not actually physically stored in the database instead the data will be derived from one or more tables during runtime.

What are the different types of views and their definition?

  • Database View
  • Help View
  • Projection View
  • Maintenance View


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