Useful Transaction codes for SAP ABAP Developers

Below table summarizes the useful tcodes for SAP ABAP developers.

Tcode Description
AL11 SAP Directories
BAPI BAPI Explorer
CMOD Project Management of SAP Enhancements
OAOR Business Document Navigator
SA38 ABAP : Execute Program
SALE IDoc and ALE Development
SCDO Change Document Objects
SCI Code Inspector
SCOT SAPConnect : Administration
SE01 Transport Organizer (extended view)
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
SE09 Transport Organizer
SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE14 Database Utility
SE16 Data Browser
SE18 Business Add-ins(BADI’s): Definition
SE19 Business Add-ins(BADI’s): Implementation
SE24 Class Builder
SE30 ABAP Runtime Analysis
SE36 Logical Database Builder
SE37 Function Builder
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE39 ABAP Splitscreen Editor
SE41 Menu Painter
SE43N Area Menus
SE51 Screen Painter
SE71 Form painter
SE75 SAPScript Settings
SE80 Object Navigator
SE91 Message Maintenance
SE93 Maintain Transaction
SHD0 Transaction & Screen Variants
SHDB Transaction Recorder
SLIN ABAP program extended syntax check
SM04 User List
SM12 Lock Entries
SM13 Update Requests
SM30 Maintain Table Views
SM35 Batch Input : Session Overview
SM36 Define Background Job
SM37 Simple Job Selection
SM49 External Operating System Commands
SM50 Process Overview
SM59 RFC Destinations
SMOD SAP Enhancements
SNOTE SAP Note Assistant
SO10 Standard Text
SP01 Spool List
SPAD Spool Administration
SPRO SAP Customizing
SQ01 SAP Query
ST05 SQL Trace
STMS Transport Management System
ST22 Dump Analysis
SU21 Authorization Objects
SU01 User Maintenance
SU53 Display Authorization Data

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