Maintain test data in SAP table

After creating a table you can test it by maintaining a couple of entries in the table. Follow the below mentioned procedure to maintain entries in the table. But this procedure must be used only in testing or development environment not in production environment.

Display the table in ABAP Dictionary(SE11). Use the menu path Utilities->Table Contents->Create Entries.


If this menu path is disabled then go to Delivery and Maintenance tab and
enter “Display/Maintenance Allowed” in “Data Browser/Table View Maint.” listbox.


Save and activate the table. Then go back to menu path Utilities->Table Contents->Create Entries.


Enter some test values in the fields and press save.


Observe the message in the status bar. To display the values in the table go to Utilities->Table Contents->Display


In the selection screen enter the selection criteria if you want to filter the records you want to display and press execute.


All the records in the table will be displayed if no selection criteria specified
in the selection screen.

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  1. I followed the tutorials before, created my local domains, data elements and table. But when I try to add a entry like what this tutorial says, the SAP system tells “You are not authorized to change this table” , why? How can I fix it?

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