ABAP Debugger

ABAP debugger is an integrated tool in the ABAP workbench.

ABAP Debugger is a tool that is used to analyze the code of a program. We can perform the below operations using ABAP debugger.

  • Stop execution of the program to analyze the program
  • Execute the program line by line or block by block
  • Change the values of the variables
  • Alter the flow of the program
  • Skip some lines of code
  • Stop the execution of program when certain condition is met
  • You can display the source code along with the contents of the variables or data objects
  • Any errors or bugs can be easily identified

In order to use the debugger, you need to have the necessary authorization as below
Authorization object: S_DEVELOP
Object type: DEBUG
3: Debug
2: Change and jump-in code
1: Reserved for internal SAP use

There are 2 debuggers as below
Classic Debugger
New Debugger

Check this link for the differences between ABAP classic and new ABAP debugger.

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