SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers in BDC

What is BDC?

BDC stands for Batch Data Communication. BDC is used to upload data from flat file to SAP.

What are the different methods of BDC?

  • Batch input session method
  • Call Transaction method

What is the t-code to display batch input sessions?


What is the t-code for transaction recorder?


What are the function modules used to create batch input session?

Function Module Name Purpose
BDC_OPEN_GROUP Used to create session
BDC_INSERT Used to insert batch input data
BDC_CLOSE_GROUP Used to close session. We can process the session only after is closed

What are the parameters in BDC_OPEN_GROUP?

Parameters Purpose
CLIENT Client in which session to be processed
GROUP Name of the session
HOLDDATE Lock date
KEEP Keep session even after successful processing
USER This is used to check the user authorizations to run the transactions

What are the parameters in BDC_INSERT?

Parameters Purpose
TCODE Transaction Code
DYNPROTAB Contains transaction data

What is the syntax for Call Transaction?

CALL TRANSACTION <tcode> USING <bdctab> MODE <mode> UPDATE <update> MESSAGES INTO <bdc_msg_coll>.

What are the differences between session method and call transaction method?

Call Transaction Method Session Method
Asynchronous processing Synchronous processing
No logs will be created, so errors have to be handled explicitly Logs will be created
SY-SUBRC = 0, if it is successful SY-SUBRC will not be returned
Database updates are synchronous or Asynchronous Synchronous database updates

What is the ABAP program name to process the batch input session automatically?



    • when we want do the call transaction we want know what is technical information of each field .
      so we go for recording. tcode is ‘SHDB’.
      it will store the progarm name, screen no, field name, field value for each field on the

    • Transaction is set of screens in a predefined sequences, its record the particular transaction and that can convert the record into program. In order to know the screens and there values., here doing recording.

    • eg. if we transfer data manually it takes record one by one . if we do recording then it takes large amount of record automatically when recording runs.
      in future we have transfer data of same fields then we will run recording & it will transfer the data

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